My 2019 personal project

I am excited to begin this adventure and see where it goes. project 5 is a personal project of mine that I have been thinking about for awhile and I am ready to see it in reality. 


To be a part of project 5 your age must be an increment of five (5, 10, 15, 20 etc.) After all that is where the name comes from.


All of these sessions will take place in my studio on a wall I painted just for this project, and when the project is done the wall gets repainted! All of the participants will be asked to wear a black shirt. This is just a short session so plan for 20 minutes.


Since this is a project for me I am not sure when or if the final images will be shown or in what type of capacity but this is part of the excitement.


Everyone participating in the project will need to fill out a model release form and I have a short about you page to be filled out.


Ok, so that is all great but what is in it for you? A $50 gift card to my studio and the chance to see your image in print in the future! 


The $50 gift card for Lori Marie Photography can be used as credit towards a session or for prints.


Can more than one family member participate? Absolutely!